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Bliss House Scarves are woven by Dianne Figlewicz Lattemann, a recently-retired scientist, now living in East Wenatchee, Washington, where she continues to be a longtime and ardent supporter of local arts and crafts organizations.  Weaving and selling these scarves combine Dianne’s fascination with colors and simple shapes and patterns, and her belief that unique, handmade, everyday items should be affordable to all.  Many of the scarves contain sheep’s wool or alpaca from local Puget Sound herds so the products are truly “Pacific Northwest grown”.  The Bliss House Scarves motto “LOOK GORGEOUS.  DO GOOD.” reflects Dianne’s commitment to donate 10% of every sale to a humanitarian non-profit organization.  Your purchase makes you a partner in this activity.  2022 sales donations will target food and shelter needs in Washington State, and humanitarian support of Ukrainian refugees.  Recipients would include Food Lifeline; Downtown Emergency Services Center (DESC) of Seattle which has carried out groundbreaking approaches to ending the cycle of mental illnesses, addictions, and homelessness; and Oxfam America, an international aid organization that funds projects designed and led by local people in countries around the globe, with a focus on self-sufficiency and self-sustainability of the projects.  Please visit the websites of these organizations to learn more about their work.



1130 Barton Square

East Wenatchee WA, 98802



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